Sunday, 27 January 2013

Festival thinking!

Ok, so this summer i'm going to Reading Festival with 16 or so of my friends from college, i'm so excited! I love music, i love spending time with my friends, i love the freedom of not having parents or anyone around - it'll be great! I'm waiting for the lineup to be released before i buy my ticket, despite the fact that i already know i'm going. So straight away, my first thought was: "what to take?" In my usual style of disregarding my college work to focus on unimportant things, i spent a few hours last night looking for festival outfits and stuff. Here are some of my favourite ones:




As well as outfits, i got looking at specific stuff as well. I have fallen in love with Hunter wellies. Now, as someone who rarely goes out in conditions where wellies are suitable footwear, Hunter wellies are a ridiculous waste of money for me. I found some really, really nice ones for £55 but they only have size 9, and i'd need a size 8 - too annoying! I put together a group of hot festival shoes as well:

1. Hunter Women's Original Tall Gloss Wellies in Jewel Green - £55
2. Asos Festival Leather Gladiator Flat Sandals - £40
3. Fair and Truel Upcycled Vegan Stripe Espadrille Shoes - £47
4. Superdry Festival Wellingtons - £38
5. Missoni Loafers - £325
6. Opening Ceremony Suede Strappy Wedges - £125

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Givenchy Birds of Paradise (2011)

I have a new obsession. I am in love with the Givenchy Birds of Paradise top, and the other ones from the same release. I know they're part of the 2011 collection, and I saw one of the t shirts online somewhere but I didn't realise it was Givenchy, and then this morning I found it again and saw the label! I want one so, so bad, but with a pricetag of around £360 I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon. How depressing.
On the other hand, I have recently (today in fact) had my birthday, and as it's just been Christmas as well I've gained quite a bit of money, as well as from working! I need to save up for my Reading Festival ticket but for now clothes are more important - I'm not buying any gig tickets until I know the lineup for obvious reasons.
But how did I find the Givenchy tops (again)? Goooooogle! I was looking for more outfit inspirations to post, and I saw a picture of Rihanna wearing my new favourite top from the collection. I'm not keen on how she styles it - I'd wear it with rolled up Disco Pants and Air Max; the baggy trousers along with the oversized top don't do anything for Rihanna's figure. I don't especially like her choice of shoes either; they're too flimsy for the whole outfit. Maybe if they'd been a different colour, maybe red or an orangey shade to emphasise the top they would look better, but as the majority of the top is black, along with the hareems, the shoes pretty much blend in.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

You're a Topshop princess a rockstar too.

It's funny because I took these pictures on like three different cameras. My Nikon has been playing up for about a year now and turns off whenever I try to take a picture, mine and my sister's cameras both use the same charger which has broken which rules out those two, leaving my iPhone! So excuse the quality. I also don't yet have a useable tripod which is why the angles are weird and stuff.
Top: OFWGKTA official merch.
Disco Pants: Topshop 
Shoes: Nike Air Max 90 - Footlocker
It was only after I took these as well when I realised I have no jewellery on. This is odd. I am always wearing jewellery, but my favourite piece, which was my chain from Topshop, broke on Monday when I was at a New Years Eve party. Bad times! I realised I get most of my jewellery from Topshop actually, which came as a surprise. Due to my lack of jewellery there's only two items on the wearing aspect of this post which makes it pretty pointless in my opinion.
Something else that annoys me about these pictures is my hair. It was huuuuge earlier so I actually brushed it (this is a rare occurance) and it went flat and horrible, as can be seen! I'm usually wearing a beanie anyway so the top bit didn't bother me, but as the bottoms are so flat today I tried to hold it up and actually keep it off my face. Clearly from the pictures this didn't work as it just looks incredibly pretentious and downright stroppy. Oh dear. I had to use the last picture because it's the only one I managed to take on my Nikon before it died of the outfit as a whole. I'll try to take some more pictures tomorrow before I go out.
Have a nice Thursday!

January wishlist

1. Nike Airx Max 90 - Burgundy Colour. I got these for Christmas but they turned up after I made the list, they are so nice and they go with pretty much everything.
2. J W Anderson top - Topshop. This is pretty similar to Rita Ora/Rihanna's style and it's pretty colourful. It would look great tucked into Disco Pants with a denim jacket, or with tights and either Docs or Creepers.
    3. Red, white and blue HUF socks. I already have black and white ones and they go with everything, I need to invest in some more!
    4. The Ragged Priest Denim sleeve khaki studded jacket. Need I explain why?
    5. This is also from The Ragged Priest, I just love the sheepskin collar too much!
    6. I'm not actually sure where this is from, I saved a picture of it on my laptop ages ago and now I can't remember where I saw it! I need more oversized patterned shirts, I wear them with tights and creepers, or high waisted shorts, with the bottom tied up.
    7. Supreme snapback. Everyone slates girls who wear snapbacks and in all honesty I probably wouldn't wear it much, but I love the Hawaiian theme on it, despite the $45 price tag.
    8. This hat is from River Island; I already have the stars and stripes one but I love the colours of this.
    9. The picture of this is tiny, purely because after I made this list I realised I forgot number 9, so I decided to squeeze it in somewhere. These are collar tips on a shirt by The Ragged Priest. The shirt itself is about £42 but I think I could DIY a similar one which I might do some point soon.
   10. Leggings - Urban Outfitters. I own similar ones from H&M which have an aztec pattern along the bottom - these are great because they fade lighter going down, which means they make your thighs look smaller with the black print and draws attention to bottom of the leggings.
   11. I need more scarves - this one is £12 from River Island and the pattern is fab.
   12. This is so cool - it's like a necklace/cape/thing from River Island. It's the kind of thing I'd wear on top of a plan top, or a less patterned one. This is the kind of thing I'd add to an outfit that looks boring. What a shame it's £85!
    13. Disco pants. These are brilliant because they make me look like I have a figure. I might actually save up for these - they're £70 from American Apparel if I get the real ones and somewhere between £20-£35 if I get them elsewhere.


I'll be honest. My fashion sense varies a lot. And by a lot, I mean loads. But one thing I hate within fashion, is looking boring. There isn't a day when I don't really put thought into what I'm wearing, unless I'm not leaving the house. I have to get up for college way earlier than is humanely possible (6:30AM on Mondays and Wednesdays!) so I get my stuff ready the night before. I just can't stand leaving the house looking boring, or casual, etc. Not to say that I always overdress - because I don't. I just always make sure I'm wearing something interesting, be it a weird blouse under a jumper, or patterned leggings (not fairisle, don't worry!) or creepers. 
A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from online. I love Rita Ora and Rihanna's fashion sense, and I see a lot of outfits on tumblr that I'd love to wear as well. 

Rita Ora especially is one of my main fashion inspirations. I love the way she always something unique and out there - she stands out from most other celebrities, and generally dresses well in my opinion. I love the oversized top and trainers look - if this had been paired with jeans it would look a lot more casual, but by wearing metallic shoes the interest has been spread to those instead of focusing on the outfit alone. The jewellery as well makes the outfit look more dressy; more played up, but keeps it casual from the tee.

From these pictures, I love the edgy contrast from the leather trousers to the much softer, more vintage aspect of the cardigan. Together the outfit looks grungy and makes a statement. From the picture on the right, I love love LOVE the jacket. I have a similar Levi one and after seeing this picture I'm tempted to sew a similar pattern into mine. The good thing about this outfit is that because the aztec pattern on the jacket is monotone, it can be worn with pretty much anything. Although I'm not usually keen on double denim, because of the bleached effect on the jeans and the black Vans, the outfit as a whole works really well.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This year, I will be productive. I will actually stick to my New Years Resolutions, and I will enjoy myself. This year will not be the same as last year, or the year before, or even the year before that (the main problem being my lack of goals, and lack of consistency of those goals I managed to actually form). I know I'm a little behind schedule, considering it's the 2nd January, and clearly this post should have been made yesterday, but like many of us I spent most of yesterday dying from being hungover from a great New Years Eve party!
(I've just realised it is in fact 00:17AM which means it's now officially the 3rd January, making me even more behind, but let's not dwell on that).
My Goals for 2013:
- Make a blog and actually post in it regularly. (Can I class this one as ticked off already? Hmm).
- Lose like 40lbs. Maybe not 40, but like 30 or something. That seems more manageable. I guess..
- Do well in my AS Levels. This one kind of contradicts my first goal, but time management is something I vaguely pride myself on, so hopefully both will happen.
- Go to Reading Festival with my friends. This one will definitely happen, as there's already 13 of us lined up to go; now we just need the official line up and I'll be booking my ticket!
- Make and sell more clothes. I spent so much time doing all this last year, mainly because I had too much study leave and not enough friends to cover excessive time. I don't think this'll be the case this year, but seeing as I enjoyed it so much last year I guess I can squeeze this in somehow.
- Look after my hair! This one should be compulsive. My hair is soooo dead.
- Learn to drive, get a car, and actually drive around without freaking out/crashing/dying/etc etc.
- Go to LFW! I've been wanting to go for like the past 3 years so this one is pretty high up on my list in terms of importance.
So yeah! Aside my goals, and focusing mainly on my blog, I want to use this as a place to post my fashion ideas, my outfits and general fashion stuff I guess. Happy 2013!