Thursday, 3 January 2013

January wishlist

1. Nike Airx Max 90 - Burgundy Colour. I got these for Christmas but they turned up after I made the list, they are so nice and they go with pretty much everything.
2. J W Anderson top - Topshop. This is pretty similar to Rita Ora/Rihanna's style and it's pretty colourful. It would look great tucked into Disco Pants with a denim jacket, or with tights and either Docs or Creepers.
    3. Red, white and blue HUF socks. I already have black and white ones and they go with everything, I need to invest in some more!
    4. The Ragged Priest Denim sleeve khaki studded jacket. Need I explain why?
    5. This is also from The Ragged Priest, I just love the sheepskin collar too much!
    6. I'm not actually sure where this is from, I saved a picture of it on my laptop ages ago and now I can't remember where I saw it! I need more oversized patterned shirts, I wear them with tights and creepers, or high waisted shorts, with the bottom tied up.
    7. Supreme snapback. Everyone slates girls who wear snapbacks and in all honesty I probably wouldn't wear it much, but I love the Hawaiian theme on it, despite the $45 price tag.
    8. This hat is from River Island; I already have the stars and stripes one but I love the colours of this.
    9. The picture of this is tiny, purely because after I made this list I realised I forgot number 9, so I decided to squeeze it in somewhere. These are collar tips on a shirt by The Ragged Priest. The shirt itself is about £42 but I think I could DIY a similar one which I might do some point soon.
   10. Leggings - Urban Outfitters. I own similar ones from H&M which have an aztec pattern along the bottom - these are great because they fade lighter going down, which means they make your thighs look smaller with the black print and draws attention to bottom of the leggings.
   11. I need more scarves - this one is £12 from River Island and the pattern is fab.
   12. This is so cool - it's like a necklace/cape/thing from River Island. It's the kind of thing I'd wear on top of a plan top, or a less patterned one. This is the kind of thing I'd add to an outfit that looks boring. What a shame it's £85!
    13. Disco pants. These are brilliant because they make me look like I have a figure. I might actually save up for these - they're £70 from American Apparel if I get the real ones and somewhere between £20-£35 if I get them elsewhere.

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