Thursday, 3 January 2013

You're a Topshop princess a rockstar too.

It's funny because I took these pictures on like three different cameras. My Nikon has been playing up for about a year now and turns off whenever I try to take a picture, mine and my sister's cameras both use the same charger which has broken which rules out those two, leaving my iPhone! So excuse the quality. I also don't yet have a useable tripod which is why the angles are weird and stuff.
Top: OFWGKTA official merch.
Disco Pants: Topshop 
Shoes: Nike Air Max 90 - Footlocker
It was only after I took these as well when I realised I have no jewellery on. This is odd. I am always wearing jewellery, but my favourite piece, which was my chain from Topshop, broke on Monday when I was at a New Years Eve party. Bad times! I realised I get most of my jewellery from Topshop actually, which came as a surprise. Due to my lack of jewellery there's only two items on the wearing aspect of this post which makes it pretty pointless in my opinion.
Something else that annoys me about these pictures is my hair. It was huuuuge earlier so I actually brushed it (this is a rare occurance) and it went flat and horrible, as can be seen! I'm usually wearing a beanie anyway so the top bit didn't bother me, but as the bottoms are so flat today I tried to hold it up and actually keep it off my face. Clearly from the pictures this didn't work as it just looks incredibly pretentious and downright stroppy. Oh dear. I had to use the last picture because it's the only one I managed to take on my Nikon before it died of the outfit as a whole. I'll try to take some more pictures tomorrow before I go out.
Have a nice Thursday!

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